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                                                      Meeting Notice:

      The next Henrietta Town Board/Organizational Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.  


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Town Board Contact Information

If you are interested in communicating with the Town Board, there are a number of different options:

  • Mail or Deliver a Letter: Letters to the Town Board should be mailed or delivered to the Henrietta Town Hall at 475 Calkins Road / Rochester, NY 14623. 

  • Meet with the Supervisor: In order to accommodate individual resident concerns, Supervisor Moore has an open door policy, so any resident is free to stop by or make an appointment to meet with him.  To make an appointment, please call the Supervisor’s Office at (585) 359-7001. 

  • Public Presentation / Agenda Items at Town Board Meetings: At every Town Board Meeting, prior to the Board taking action on the Resolutions, the public is given an opportunity to speak on any Agenda item.* 

  • Public Comment at Town Board Meetings: Although New York Open Meetings Law does not provide for a public comment period during a public meeting, the Henrietta Town Board provides a public comment period at the end of each Town Board Meeting.  Please note that public comment is limited to two (2) minutes and it is a method to provide comment only and is not designated for questions and answers.*


* In order to speak at a Town Board Meeting you will be asked to sign up, whether it’s during the Public Presentation/Agenda Items or Public Comment section. This allows us to call up people to speak in an orderly fashion and provides us with the correct spelling of names for the Minutes of the Meeting.



Upcoming Events

18 Jan 2018
07:30PM -
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Meeting
21 Jan 2018
02:00PM - 04:00PM
Henrietta Historical Socity - A Beer Tasting by Beers of the World
22 Jan 2018
04:30PM -
Town Board Workshop
23 Jan 2018
07:00PM -
Planning Board Meeting
24 Jan 2018
07:00PM -
Town Board Meeting