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pdf 2017 Cabin Registration Popular

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Download (pdf, 650 KB)

Cabin Reservations Winter 2017.pdf

pdf AFT R.A.F. Packet 2015-2016 Popular

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Download (pdf, 855 KB)

AFT R.A.F. Packet 2015-2016.pdf

pdf Golden Comets Competitive Swim Team Summer 2016 Popular

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Golden Comets Competitive Swim Team Summer 2016.pdf

pdf Grandparents Group Flier Popular

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pdf Gymnastics Fall 2015 Popular

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Gymnastics Fall 2015.pdf

pdf Gymnastics Late Fall 2015 Popular

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Gymnastics Late Fall 2015.pdf

pdf Gymnastics Summer1 2016 Popular

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Gymnastics Summer1 2016.pdf

pdf Holiday Art and Science Fun 2015 Popular

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Holiday Art and Science Fun 2015.pdf

pdf Instructional Tennis Fall 2015 (2) Popular

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Instructional Tennis Fall 2015 (2).pdf

pdf Open gym schedule March 27 April 3 New

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open gym schedule March 27-April 3.pdf

pdf Preschool Playground Summer 2016 Popular

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Preschool Playground Summer 2016.pdf

pdf Program Registration Form Popular

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Program Registration Form.pdf

pdf Recreation Construction Update - 12-15-2015 Popular

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Recreation Center Update 12-15.pdf

pdf Recreation Employment Application Popular

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pdf September 2nd Resolution - Recreation Center Popular

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September 2 Resolution Final Rec Center Approval.pdf

pdf Start Smart Soccer Summer Wednesdays 2016 Popular

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Start Smart Soccer Summer Wednesdays 2016.pdf

pdf Volunteer and intern placement with application Popular

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Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. Volunteer and intern opportunities are limited. Those applying for an intern position must have a letter from the school or supervisor.

pdf Youth Basketball Fall 2015 Popular

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Youth Basketball Fall 2015.pdf

pdf Youth Indoor Soccer Fall 2015 Popular

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Youth Indoor Soccer Fall 2015.pdf

Upcoming Events

28 Mar 2017
07:00PM -
Planning Board Meeting
03 Apr 2017
04:30PM -
Town Board Workshop
04 Apr 2017
07:00PM -
Conservation Board Meeting
05 Apr 2017
07:00PM -
Town Board Meeting
11 Apr 2017
07:00PM -
Planning Board Meeting