Starting Tuesday July 9th through Tuesday July 16th the Town's contractor will be working on the roadways. They will be making notifications the day before when they will be in your neighborhood. Notifications made the day before by door hangers, which are left on the front door. Be careful when driving on uncured pavement.  You will need to wait several days for setup before making hard turns. Please call us at 359-7005 if you have any questions.

Roads to be Slurry Sealed in 2019

Wright Road

Floyd Drive

Rayne Drive

Sienna Drive

Holiday Road

Garden Parkway

Mertensia Lane

Silverberry Road

Locust Hill Drive

Running Creek

Bard Lane

Faircrest Road

Rouge Road

Shady Creek Road

Dover Road

Crockett Drive

Tulane Parkway

Eton Court

New London Road

New Tudor Way

Beech Hill Crescent

Cobblefield Way

Langston Point

Oakshire Way